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As you can tell from the really cheap logo above, you've just hit up Cheap-Beer.com. We, the staff of C-B.com, have one simple mission in mind when we envision beer: CHEAP, COLD BREWS AT YOUR DISPOSAL, 24/7. "How does one do that?" you may find yourself asking. Simple. We keep overhead costs low.

How do we do that? Well...
Without further ado, we give you...


Ice Cold Opinions
This is where the staff of C-B.com sounds
off on various topics of little to no interest
to you normal folk.

Case Of 24 Price: $20.00

40 Oz. Forums
Visit the forums, complain to the staff how much
time the beer takes to arrive and all that jazz.

Pack Of 6 Price: $4.00

The section where you can fill out forms in
order to complain to a specific executive of

Pack Of 6 Price: $8.00

Frost Brewed Special Section
Special ICE COLD section where you can check
out our specials of the week... Okay, we lied. Really
it's like specials of whenever the hell we feel like updating.

Pack Of 6 Price: $8.00
The Commie Section
This is a section where you can see the best
in foreign (read: communist) beer... More like

Pack Of 13 (wtf?) Price: $108.00
Non-Alcoholic Section
This is the section designed to draw in the under-18
crowd. That's right, you 13 year-old. Drink your fake brew while you give us money.

Pack Of 4 Price: $5.00

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Hey douchers, this isn't a "for real" site. All the beer we're trying to sell? It's all in our heads.
This is actually a satirical site where we use the format of a beer company for cheap thrills. And the
pictures are copyright of their respective owners, too.